How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

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For most people, a beautiful smile is a priceless way to show others your happiness, self-confidence, and good dental health and function. If your smile doesn’t look and feel its best, Cincinnati dentists Dr. Tara Hardin and Dr. Gary Hardin can assess the suitability of cosmetic dentistry and how the cost of certain procedures could fit your budget.

Many different factors can influence not only the cost of a cosmetic dentistry procedure but how long your investment in your smile will last. Teeth whitening, for example, can brighten your smile for up to two years, while dental implants can last a lifetime.

Other variables that could affect the cost of cosmetic dentistry treatment include:

  • Whether the procedure addresses purely aesthetic issues or corrects health and functional flaws in your mouth.
  • The amount of work required to complete a procedure.
  • The materials involved in treatment.
  • The location of your cosmetic dentist’s office.
  • The amount of training and specialization your dentist has.

If you’re concerned about how much your ideal smile might cost, Hardin Advanced Dentistry offers a number of financing options to help patients reach their cosmetic goals in a way that works with their budget.

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry cost and which treatment might be best for your smile, please contact Hardin Advanced Dentistry or call 513-234-5531 today to schedule your initial consultation. Our dentists serve patients in or around Cincinnati.