CEREC Same Day Restoration

Mason, OH, Dentist Serving Greater Cincinnati & Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana

Hardin Advanced Dentistry is one of the few dental practices in the greater Cincinnati area to offer CEREC one-visit dentistry. CEREC eliminates the need for messy impressions, temporary crowns, and additional visits. CEREC metal-free crowns are made and placed in just one visit - you can even watch the entire process from your dental chair!

If you are interested in finding out more about how CEREC can create long-lasting restorations, please contact Hardin Advanced Dentistry in the Cincinnati area by calling (513) 234-5531 today.

What Is CEREC?

This groundbreaking technology eliminates the need for impressions to be sent off to a separate lab, and places the crown-milling process in the hands of your capable dentist. Dr. Tara Hardin and Dr. Gary Hardin have both received extensive training in the CEREC milling process, and they've seen the results on hundreds of our smiling patients’ faces.

Benefits of CEREC crowns over traditional, lab-made crowns include:

  • Made in just one visit
  • No messy impressions and no temporary restorations
  • Metal-free, all-ceramic materials for your safety
  • Precise color-matching technology
  • No dark gray lines at the base like traditional crowns
  • Digital imaging technology for increased precision
  • Strong, beautiful crowns backed by decades of research

With CEREC technology, we can also mill inlays and onlays, which are more conservative than full crowns. Your dentist will discuss all of the options available to you at during your consultation at our state-of-the-art facility.

If you have questions about how your restorations are created by CEREC and you'd like to make an appointment at our Mason office near Cincinnati and Dayton, please contact Hardin Advanced Dentistry via our Web form or call (513) 234-5531 today. Also serving SE Indiana and North Kentucky.