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Orthodontics in Mason, Ohio | Cincinnati | Hardin Advanced DentistryOne of the major responsibilities any family dentist has towards adolescent patients is monitoring how their adult teeth come in, and correcting them as necessary. Evenly-spaced and properly-aligned teeth are easier to care for and less likely to wear down, so there are health benefits as well as cosmetic ones to orthodontic corrections.

When minor to moderate orthodontic issues exist, Hardin Advanced Dentistry has two different ways to address them: Invisalign and Six Month Smiles. To determine which of these is the better solution for you, schedule a consultation at our offices by calling (513) 234-5531.

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Since being introduced in 1997, Invisalign® has remained a popular and useful alternative to traditional orthodontic devices. Rather than suffering through the experience of wearing painful, highly visible, and hard-to-clean braces, patients can wear plastic retainer trays that achieve the same result while being practically invisible.

Benefits of Invisalign:

  • Fixes moderate alignment and spacing issues
  • Trays are custom-shaped to fit your teeth
  • No need for tightening appointments
  • Less noticeable than braces
  • Can be removed for special occasions
  • Easy to clean

When you decide to get Invisalign at Hardin Advanced Dentistry, you also get the advantage of our cosmetic dentists, Drs. Gary Hardin and Tara Hardin, who will keep a close eye on your progress. Use your Invisalign trays as directed, and you will have a brilliant smile in no time, with teeth that align and function as they are supposed to.

Six Month Smiles

For a fast and effective way to beautify your smile, you might consider Six Month Smiles, which straightens your front teeth with clear brackets and titanium wires. We see many patients whose back teeth are healthy and well-aligned, but who also have some spacing issues on their front teeth that hurt their confidence. This orthodontic solution allows them to fix those issues without spending a year or more wearing braces.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles:

  • Corrects orthodontic issues for visible teeth
  • Comfortable, with only light pressure on teeth
  • Brackets and wires are colored to blend with your teeth
  • Average treatment time of six months
  • Costs less than traditional orthodontics

Whether your teeth are too crowded, widely spaced, or rotated, Six Month Smiles allows you to correct the issue in a much shorter period of time than you’d expect. An initial consultation with the cosmetic dentists at Hardin Advanced Dentistry will help you decide whether this is the right solution for you.

Get an Orthodontics Consultation in Cincinnati

If you are looking for professional help for your orthodontic issues, you can’t do better than Hardin Advanced Dentistry. Dr. Tara Hardin and Dr. Gary Hardin are experienced and well-qualified dentists, with many awards and other marks of professional distinction to their name, and they want to help give you a smile you will be happy with. To find out how they can help, call (513) 234-5531 or fill out a form on this page for a dental consultation.