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Snoring may earn you some friendly razzing from friends and family, but you shouldn’t laugh off a chronic problem. Snoring is a key indicator of sleep apnea, a disorder that can lead to serious medical conditions such as depression, diabetes, heart attack and stroke. It also impairs the sleep of those within earshot.

If you or a family member suffers from habitual snoring, please contact Hardin Advanced Dentistry today by using the form on this page, or by calling (513) 234-5531. Our Mason sleep apnea dentists welcome patients from Cincinnati, and Dayton, Ohio, as well as Southeast Indiana and Northern Kentucky.

Why Do I Snore?

Snoring occurs when your throat tissues relax enough during slumber to partially block your airway. If you “saw logs”, you are not alone. Almost half of American adults snore occasionally, and 75% of snorers do so as a result of sleep apnea. Other causes of snoring include:

  • Poor throat and tongue muscle tone.
  • Nasal problems.
  • Large tonsils.
  • Smoking.
  • Alcohol consumption.

What Can I Do at Home?

Not all snoring treatments require medical assistance. There are several lifestyle adjustments you can make immediately:

  • Sleep on your side instead of your back.
  • Try a full-length body pillow.
  • Stay well hydrated.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption.

How Can Hardin Advanced Dentistry Help?

Following a comprehensive dental exam and confirmed diagnosis, our Mason sleep apnea dentists can help improve the quality of your nighttime rest. Dr. Tara Hardin and Dr. Gary Hardin are members of the American Academy of Dental sleep Medicine (AADSM), and have years of experience treating snoring and sleep apnea. 

Dr. Tara and Dr. Gary offer an exceptionally comfortable, custom-made oral appliance called SomnoDent to treat snoring and sleep apnea. This easily adjusted, acrylic night guard fits easily between your teeth, holding your jaw slightly forward to open air passageways. According to SomnoDent, 91% of its users report an improved quality of their sleep.

SomnoDent is a preferred alternative to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment, which requires a mask, hose, and compressor to regulate air pressure throughout the night. CPAP is a highly effective but typically unpopular sleep apnea treatment. The process is often too awkward and cumbersome for most users to continue using for more than a year.

If you or a loved one snores frequently, call Hardin Advanced Dentistry today at (513) 234-5531 or complete the form on this page. We proudly serve patients from Cincinnati, Mason and Dayton, Ohio, as well as Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana.