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Sedation Dentistry Cincinnati, Ohio

General Dentist Serving the Cincinnati Area

Fear of going to the dentist tops the list of common phobias. At Hardin Advanced Dentistry, our cosmetic dentists understand that anxiety and fear can get in the way of caring for your teeth as you should. We are uniquely equipped to resolve dental fear. We've created a safe, relaxing environment, complete with state-of-the-art technology and soothing amenities, so you can receive the care you need, free from fear, anxiety, or stress.

If dental work makes you feel uneasy, please call Hardin Advanced Dentistry at (513) 216-2935 today to discuss sedation dentistry in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What Is
Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a safe, effective solution that provides peace of mind and allows the dentist to complete multiple treatments while you rest in comfort.

We use oral conscious sedation, an oral medication you take before your visit to help you relax without being "put under." We also offer Single Tooth Anesthesia, an advanced way to deliver anesthesia through an advanced single-use syringe system. This helps our sedation dentistry patients who are worried about experiencing pain while getting treatment. It also provides a more precise anesthetic effect, delivered in a very safe manner.

Dr. Tara Hardin and our compassionate staff welcome and understand apprehensive patients. While we offer many premium comforts in our office to create a soothing environment, we understand some patients need more. Sedation dentistry has helped thousands of patients overcome their fears, receive the dental care they need for dental and oral health, and finally have a positive dental experience.

A Pain-free Experience at Hardin Advanced Dentistry

YouTube Comfort and Confidence

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is another option that appeals to patients who live with serious dental fears. Sometimes called "laughing gas," inhaling nitrous oxide induces relaxation in just seconds. Our dentists carefully control the amount of sedation, and the effects dissipate quickly, allowing patients to drive home after the procedure is completed.

If you suffer from anxiety before a dental appointment, our Mason sedation dentists offer multiple options to help you relax. Many patients are comfortable, calm and relaxed in any procedure. The type of sedation used is based on the treatment you need, your level of fear, and how best to protect your health and safety.

For more information about nitrous oxide and our other sedation dentistry services, please call Hardin Advanced Dentistry today at (513) 216-2935. Dr. Tara Hardin serves clients throughout the Greater Cincinnati area from our office in Mason, Ohio.

What Is
Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is an inhaled gas that induces calming feelings. Often called “laughing gas,” this method of sedation can lead to a pleasurable, giddy feeling for some patients.

If nitrous oxide is used during your visit, the gas is administered through a small mask. After taking just a few deep breaths, the gas takes effect. Most patients feel:

  • Relaxed
  • Less anxious about their appointment
  • Diminished pain response
  • Tingling in the arms and legs
  • A sensation of warmth in the body
  • Sleepy

Our Mason sedation dentists monitor your reaction and carefully manage the concentration of gas throughout the course of your procedure. Members of our team have extensive experience with nitrous oxide. We safely use the equipment and adjust the amount to meet each individual patient’s needs.

What Are the
Advantages of
Nitrous Oxide?

Those who receive nitrous oxide are the only sedation patients who can drive themselves home after the appointment. Nitrous oxide is fast-acting. Other benefits include:

  • Convenience
  • Proven safety record
  • Minimal, rare side effects

Nitrous oxide also reduces saliva flow and diminishes gag reflex, which can help improve your comfort and make the procedure easier to perform.

To find out how our sedation dentists can help you relax for your visit, please call Hardin Advanced Dentistry at (513) 216-2935, or contact us online today. Our Mason dentists welcome patients from Cincinnati, as well as Southeast Indiana and Northern Kentucky.


Fear of the dentist can take a toll on more than your emotions. Patients with dental phobia often delay routine visits and necessary care, leading to escalating oral health issues that require more time and expense to correct. To help patients become more comfortable with visiting our office, we are pleased to offer oral conscious sedation dentistry.

Find out how Dr. Hardin can relieve anxiety for your appointment. Please call Hardin Advanced Dentistry at (513) 216-2935 today for more information about our sedation dentistry services in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Sedation Dentist

What Is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Oral sedation relieves anxiety through medications taken by mouth. Our dentists recommend you take the prescribed medication approximately an hour before your appointment.

During your appointment, you are awake and aware, and feel extremely relaxed. Many patients feel:

  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Free from stress and anxiety
  • Drowsy – some patients drift off, sleeping through treatment

The purpose of oral conscious sedation is not to “knock out” patients who are afraid of the dentist. Our sedation dentists instead focus on managing anxiety – helping patients with fears and anxieties about dental treatment have a positive experience.

Benefits of
Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is a safe, proven method for helping patients relax. Dr. Hardin has received training through the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), the foremost continuing education resource for dentists who want to help patients relax without "putting them under."

Some of the advantages of oral conscious sedation include:

  • Getting the dental care you need without fear
  • Few, very rare, side effects
  • No shots or gas
  • Complex or extensive treatments can all be completed in one appointment
  • Vital signs are constantly monitored to ensure patient safety

Our Cincinnati sedation dentistry alleviates anxiety during your first visit but can also help you overcome worries about subsequent appointments. Many patients who are afraid of the dentist developed the phobia due to unpleasant or traumatic experience with an earlier dentist. As you are conscious, aware, and not feeling pain, it is possible to shift how you feel about dental treatment, your dentist, and the other technicians, because you are receiving exceptionally kind, warm, and compassionate care.

A fear of the dentist can be difficult to overcome. Therefore, our office is committed to helping patients feel comfortable through sedation dentistry, providing dental care in a pleasant and soothing atmosphere. We offer many other services and amenities in our spa-like dental office.

For more information about oral conscious sedation and other comfortable dentistry services such as holistic dentistry, please call Hardin Advanced Dentistry today at (513) 216-2935. Then schedule a consultation with our dentists. We serve patients from Mason, Dayton, and the Greater Cincinnati areas, as well as those living in the communities of Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana.

IV sedation

While nitrous oxide sedation and oral conscious sedation are both great techniques of sedation dentistry that can help patients with fear and anxiety, IV sedation is also offered as a third option recommended by our dentists. IV sedation is an extremely safe and easy form of sedation that can help calm nerves, alleviate any anxiety, and relax patients into a gentle lull during any type of procedure.

What is IV sedation?

IV sedation is a safe and effective manner of conscious sedation that uses medications administered intravenously for a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. This is often referred to as “twilight sleep” as you will not be fully sedated but will be able to respond to requests during your treatment.

IV sedation can be easily adjusted throughout the procedure by dentist for the most comfortable experience.

Benefits of IV sedation

  • Takes effect more quickly than other methods
  • Safe and effective pain and anxiety relief
  • Much easier for your dentist to control during the procedure
  • Provides ability to achieve more dentistry in less time
  • Provides little or no recall of the procedure for the patient

Is IV sedation right for me?

If you find that you are often nervous and anxious about dental procedures and are in generally good health, IV sedation could be a great fit for you. While IV sedation can cause grogginess and will require you to have a friend or family member drive you home, it is extremely safe and can be a great option for those with fear of dental procedures.

Don't Let Fear Stop you
from Going to the Dentist

If you experience fear or anxiety when you think about going to the dentist, you aren’t alone. Modern dentistry provides a range of sedation options you can choose from to feel relaxed and calm during your visit. We offer nitrous oxide sedation, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation to help our patients be at ease during treatments. Your comfort and state of mind are important to us.

It’s important that you feel comfortable enough at the dentist to stick with your schedule of cleanings and checkups. In fact, routine checks and needed procedures from your dentist are key when it comes to avoiding cavities or other oral health problems. To keep your teeth for a lifetime and have a healthy, happy mouth, your regular checkups and cleanings are vital.

Why choose
Dr. Tara Hardin?

Dr. Hardin is a Las Vegas Institute Fellow, granted only after a minimum of 278 hours of advanced education and experience in aesthetics, physiologic science, and a comprehensive practical examination. Additionally, she is an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, an accreditation granted only to those with superior performance and knowledge in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. These qualifications are compounded by almost two decades of experience and continued education.

Learn more about Dr. Hardin

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