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Total body wellness provides our patients with quality dental care that improves both their oral and overall health. At Hardin Advanced Dentistry, your total wellbeing is a priority. In addition to helping you achieve a strong, gleaming smile, we focus on your general health by using materials that work well with your body’s natural chemistry and procedures that positively impact your overall lifestyle and wellness.

If you would like to learn more about your personal health and our commitment to total body wellness, please contact us by calling (513) 216-2935 or by completing the form on this page to schedule an appointment. Our Mason office welcomes patients from Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio as well as Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana.

Holistic Dentist

What is Total Body Wellness?

Total body wellness is an approach to dentistry that promotes health and wellness. The basic principles of total body wellness include:

  • Proper nutrition: for the prevention and reversal of degenerative dental disease.
  • Fitness and healthy lifestyle: to promote proper body function, blood flow, and the reduction of inflammation.
  • Safe dental materials: including the avoidance and elimination of toxins in dental materials.
  • Treatment and prevention of bite problems: dental malocclusion leads to several physical imbalances.
  • Treatment and prevention of gum disease: periodontal disease is linked to myriad systemic health issue.

How Does Total Body Wellness
Affect Total Wellbeing?

Healthy teeth and a strong oral structure give you the ability to speak, eat and function comfortably every day. Research increasingly finds that oral health isn’t just a passive component of general health, but an active driver of your overall wellbeing. The condition of your mouth is intrinsically entwined with your cardiac, respiratory and cognitive health. For example, without neuromuscular dentistry services, a misaligned jaw can cause chronic headaches, eye pain, ear ringing and neck, shoulder and back aches. Other mouth-body health connections include:

Dr. Tara Hardin is a charter member of the International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD), and she is committed to providing her patients with safe, metal-free fillings. She also helps many of her Cincinnati patients replace their old amalgam (silver) fillings with tooth-colored composite fillings. Replacing old metal fillings benefits your general health in many ways, including:

  • Reducing dental fractures.
  • Keeping your mouth mercury-free.
  • Making other oral health symptoms more easily identifiable.
Holistic Dentistry

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry for a Brilliant, Natural-Looking Smile

Dr. Tara Hardin’s extensive experience and education makes it possible to place porcelain veneers with minimal impact on your natural tooth structure. We also offer two trusted brands of no-prep veneers, Lumineers® and DURAthin veneers.

If you are interested in porcelain veneers, please contact our Cincinnati dentist today by calling (513) 216-2935, or fill out our online form. Hardin Advanced Dentistry serves patients throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, including Dayton and Mason, Ohio. Patients from Southeast Indiana and Northern Kentucky often travel to our spa-like offices where they know every visit is a distinct pleasure, rather than a chore.

Why choose
Dr. Tara Hardin?

Dr. Hardin is a Las Vegas Institute Fellow, granted only after a minimum of 278 hours of advanced education and experience in aesthetics, physiologic science, and a comprehensive practical examination. Additionally, she is an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, an accreditation granted only to those with superior performance and knowledge in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. These qualifications are compounded by almost two decades of experience and continued education.

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