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If you feel that you are qualified for any of the following positions, please submit your resume and salary requirements to Hardin Advanced Dentistry at info@hardindental.com or in person at 5350 Socialville-Foster Road, Mason, OH 45040.

Hiring Ad

At Hardin Advanced Dentistry, we are focused on delivering holistic cosmetic dentistry to improve the lives of our patients. We provide state-of-the-art dental technology delivered with compassionate care. We believe that out of the many dental offices in the Cincinnati area, the Hardin Advanced Dentistry team shines the brightest and we are excited to add more stars to our team.

If you are excited to work for one of the top cosmetic dental practices in the Cincinnati area with a team of positive, passionate dental care providers, Hardin Advanced Dentistry looks forward to hearing from you. We offer competitive pay and benefits and exciting career opportunities for enthusiastic people who love to continuously learn, improve and grow with us.

Dr. Hardin and her team are passionate about delivering the best in dental aesthetic services and value fellow team members who can bring top-level skills, coupled with a friendly, cheerful nature, compassion and empathy. Those who enjoy providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for all patients, while continuously learning and improving are encouraged to apply. See our current openings at our Mason, OH based office below.

Dental Hygienist

At Hardin Advanced Dentistry, we are looking to add a talented dental hygienist who truly cares about our patients at various phases of treatment. Our ideal dental hygienist will bring enthusiasm and compassion and enjoy working as an integral part of the team at Hardin Advanced Dentistry.

Dental Hygienist Job Description

The Dental Hygienist role at Hardin Advanced Dentistry is a pivotal role in connecting with and caring for our patients. Our dental hygienists take on a range of responsibilities in patient care, office duties, and laboratory-related actions. The duties include preparing our patients for oral examinations and assisting our dentists to perform a wide range of oral and dental treatments.

Dental Hygienist Essential Duties and Responsibilities

At Hardin Advanced Dentistry, our Dental Hygienist’s responsibilities include:

  • Educating our patients on how to maintain good oral health
  • Performing dental hygiene services and procedures, including dental prophylaxis, scaling, fluoride and sealants, root planing
  • Completing thorough assessments of the patient's teeth, bone, and periodontal tissues, and document any abnormalities or potential conditions
  • Aid the dentist with procedures skillfully
  • Maintain patient confidentiality
  • Manage multiple responsibilities easily
  • Adapt to a changing environment or stresses and deal with the unexpected
  • Provide treatment and services to all patients without discrimination
  • Works effectively as a team member with dentists, dental staff and other office personnel
  • Personal compliance with all applicable federal, state, local and Hardin Advanced Dentistry rules, regulations, protocols and procedures related to dental hygiene, personnel issues, and the health, safety, and confidentiality of our patients.

Dental Hygienist Qualifications, Certifications, and Education

To join the Hardin Advanced Dentistry team as a Dental Hygienist, you must have the following qualifications:

  • Graduated from an ADA accredited school of dental hygiene
  • Valid and active license to practice Oral Hygiene in the state of Ohio
  • Ohio Radiation Safety Certificate
  • CPR/BLS Certification
  • Minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent and associate degree in Dental Hygiene, Bachelor’s degree a plus
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills
  • Extremely familiar with all dental terminology, equipment, and practices
  • Dedicated to providing advanced, comprehensive care to our patients

The qualifications listed represent the minimum skills and experience we are seeking in a dental hygienist at our practice. These qualifications are a general guideline and are considered along with other criteria we consider when selecting a new team member.

Physical and environmental requirements for Dental Hygienist

  • Manipulate dental equipment and instruments with confidently with both hands
  • Perform dental radiographic services without assistance
  • CPR trained
  • Enjoys teamwork and working with patients of all ages
  • Can competently read radiographs to determine quality
  • Can identify variations in color in radiographs that indicate various gum and tooth conditions
  • Very comfortable with advanced technology

Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

Hardin Advanced Dentistry in Mason, OH, is looking for the ideal person for our team. The ideal candidate is talented, ethical, passionate, energetic, compassionate, and experienced. If this sounds like you, and you are interested in joining one of the most dynamic cosmetic dental practices in the Cincinnati area, we encourage you to contact us – you could be the perfect fit!

Job summary

The duties of our RDA include:

  • Assist in the performance of advanced dentistry, general and cosmetic.
  • Assists our doctor smoothly and unobtrusively during treatments.
  • Works well in a team-oriented culture.
  • Has a high level of awareness regarding patient comfort and safety.
  • Excellent communication skills.


The qualifications for this position include:

  • X-ray certificate
  • RDA license
  • CPR and first aid certification

Essential duties

The duties you will be expected to perform include:

  • Recording patient information before, during, and after treatment, and entering information on future treatments.
  • Working closely with the doctor during treatment, anticipating the needed support unobtrusively and with skill.
  • Performing X-rays.
  • Preparing treatment rooms for patients.
  • Ordering supplies.
  • Performs wide range of duties and responsibilities in patient care and treatment in cosmetic and general dentistry, including crowns, veneers, fillings, root canals, and other treatments.
  • Familiar with various programs, including Excel, Word, and practice management software, and has a good grasp of English spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


  • Experienced and familiar with standard dental office equipment.
  • Take blood pressure, attach EKG leads, and can read monitors with ease.
  • Focused on hygienic practices, understands cross-contamination and its prevention.
  • Can maintain composure in stressful situations.
  • Performs X-rays and other intraoral tests.
  • Engenders trust with team members and patients.
  • Enjoys a high energy office and teamwork.


  • High school graduate (or equivalent)
  • 3 years of experience

Special Requirements/Certs/Licenses

  • X-ray certification
  • CPR and first aid certification
  • Current expanded functions RDA license

Physical and environmental requirements

To perform at our office, you just be able to lift as much as 25 lbs. without great strain, be physically agile, and able to walk, sit, stand, bend, stoop, reach, and other motions without strain, or move rolling pieces of equipment when necessary. You may occasionally be exposed to toxic chemicals, radiation, or caustic chemicals and must be fully aware of OSHA regulations. You may be required to assist drowsy patients who have been under anesthesia. Your ability to function in a busy dental office with confidence is also an important skill.

Registered Dental Assistant: Expanded Functions

Job Summary

The RDAEF assists our dentists and other team members in the performance of high-quality, caring, clinical dentistry. The ideal candidate has the skills and ability to work smoothly and unobtrusively in support of our doctors, anticipating every need during treatment and in patient care.

Our new RDAEF performs a wide array of clinical and technical procedures under the direct supervision of our licensed dentist, along with preparing operatory and equipment, and preparing the patient with warmth and personal care, and a high degree of awareness of the patient’s condition and comfort.


A successful team member must have the education, skills, and techniques to professionally perform the following essential duties:

Essential duties

Accurately records all patient treatment data on the chart, including the treatment, planned treatments, chair time, and the estimated doctor and assistant time required for the next appointment.

  • Passing instruments, aspirating intra-oral fluids, mixing materials, and preparing medications for the doctor with the goal of entirely smooth, seamless treatments with no waiting.
  • Providing patient support, escorting them to and from the operatory, and preparing them for treatment, with kindness and respect.
  • Performs full mouth X-rays.
  • Prepares treatment rooms, including setup, decontamination procedures, instrument sterilization, cleaning, and restocking.
  • Replenishes chemical solutions, including disinfectant soaks and sprays, sterilizing agents, and other solutions.
  • Capable of professionally reviewing patient history, progress in a treatment plan, and communicating the details of planned treatments in easy-to-understand language.
  • Takes impressions for all forms of dental treatments.
  • Responsible for turning on lights, units, nitrous oxide equipment and processors prior to the arrival of the day’s first patient.
  • Applies various topical agents, including fluoride and pit or fissure sealants correctly.
  • Places and removes any temporary sedative dressings or post-extraction dressings.
  • Administers nitrous oxide to patients when needed.
  • Places and removes rubber dams, wedges, and holds or removes anterior matrices.
  • Obtains endodontic cultures from patients.
  • Can dry root canals with absorbent points.
  • Pulp vitality testing.
  • Place bases and liners.
  • Removes excess cement.
  • Coronal polishing.
  • Etches teeth prior to bonding.
  • Identifies and fits endodontic filing point and lengths.
  • Monitors labs cases.
  • Supply ordering.
  • Maintains plaster and lab counter areas.


  • Familiar and confident in the use of dental office equipment including Autoclave, model trimmer, X-ray, Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, laser, intraoral camera, Vacu-Press, Pache gun, KCP 2000, Whip-Mix and handpieces.
  • Familiar with OSHA regulations
  • Understands cross-contamination and how to prevent it


  • Can take blood pressure, attack EKG leads, read monitors
  • Familiar with standard office equipment and computer programs (Excel, Word, practice management software)


  • Good organizational skills
  • Good grasp of English grammar, composition, spelling, punctuation
  • Can work cooperatively
  • Can accept criticism
  • Easily understands written and verbal instructions from doctors and other team members
  • Maintains confidentiality


  • High school diploma (or equivalent)
  • Three years of experience

Special Requirements

  • X-ray certificate
  • RDA license
  • CPR and first aid certification
  • Able to lift as much as 25 lbs. without strain
  • Able to move rolling equipment up to 90 lbs. or other heavy rolling item without strain
  • Able to perform a range of active motions during the day: Standing, sitting, squatting, bending, reaching, etc.
  • Good vision close, peripheral, depth perception, focus
  • Hearing: Able to communicate easily with patients, doctors, team members
  • CPR training and ability to perform CPR if necessary
  • Comfortable working in a high-stress, fast moving office environment

Why choose
Dr. Tara Hardin?

Dr. Hardin is a Las Vegas Institute Fellow, granted only after a minimum of 278 hours of advanced education and experience in aesthetics, physiologic science, and a comprehensive practical examination. Additionally, she is an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, an accreditation granted only to those with superior performance and knowledge in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. These qualifications are compounded by almost two decades of experience and continued education.

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