As part of her commitment to continuing education and exceptional care, Cincinnati family dentist Dr. Tara Hardin attended a two-day “No Prep Veneers” course earlier this month in Nashville.

The course was led by international speaker, educator and award-winning cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dennis Wells.  Dr. Wells, who has been featured on The Learning Channel and ABC’s “Extreme Makeover”, has designed the smiles of beauty pageant contestants, professional athletes and other celebrities. His work in developing DURAthin veneers earned him the 2008 Award for Outstanding Scientific Advancement in Cosmetic Dentistry.

Prepless veneers differ from traditional porcelain veneers because the process is minimally invasive and reversible. Once teeth are permanently reduced for conventional veneers, there is no going back. However, no-prep veneers offer an ultra-thin porcelain alternative that can improve the look of your smile without physically affecting your actual teeth.

The June 5-6 “No Prep Veneers” course focused on:

  • Thorough patient data and record analysis: An exhaustive review of a patient’s oral history, bite alignment and tooth color is critical in determining candidacy and next steps.
  • The technique for making master impressions: Creating a clean, accurate master mockup of the upper and lower teeth is such an important step that backup impressions are also made during this process.
  • The build-up of veneer prototypes: This is the artistic step in the process where the smile is designed that a ceramist will eventually emulate in the final work.
  • Finishing the prototypes: Once veneers are placed, the patient is sent home for a “test-drive” for two to three days to closely examine the look and experience of the new veneers. Once resulting adjustments have been made, a fresh impression and a full series of photographs are sent to the lab for the final product.
  • Veneer preparation and placement: In this step of the process, the final veneers are adhered to the existing teeth.
  • Complete veneer finishing: Once applied, the finishing and final finishing stages polish and protect your new smile.

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